Metro AG expects ‘Satisfactory’ Christmas Sales

German retailer Metro AG witnessed a slow start to the Christmas season in its home market. But Metro affirmed that it is expecting 'satisfactory' Christmas trading as its operating profit was more than the expectations.

Starbucks Tax Affairs: EU’s Investigation hints at Company involvement in Illegal State Aid

European Union carried out an investigation into tax documents of Starbucks in Holland. The investigation has led the EU officials suspect that there could be an illegal state aid.

Europe set to make history through Comet Landing

The European Space Agency will land the first unmanned spacecraft on a comet next week. The probe was launched in 2004 to study comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and work more in exploring the origins of the universe. It's a 1.3 billion euro ($A1.95 billion) project. The work is being carried out since two decades. The landing will be a big moment in space exploration.

Scientists urge for zero CO2 emissions from fossil fuels

Scientists in Europe have said that the only way to limit the effect of climate change is to bring down the carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels to zero.