Baby humpbacks whisper to their mums: researchers find

Baby humpback whales ‘whisper’ or speak in incredibly faint squeaks and grunts to their mothers as they don’t want any unwanted listeners, researchers discover in a new study.

Experts say that Psychiatric drugs are harmful

A team of leading medical experts have said following a series of clinical trials that psychiatric drugs might do more harm than good.

Quantum leap in Targeted Cancer Treatment

The scientific journal Science has recently published an article elucidating the significant discovery of mass spectrometry that would help accelerate targeted cancer treatment.

The study conducted by Danish researchers at the University of Copenhagen describes the technique of mapping more than one protein at a time when these proteins are repairing the damaged DNA's.

Robot’s artificial tongue can distinguish Wine’s Taste and Quality better than Humans

Researchers at Arhaus University in Denmark have developed an artificial tongue in a robot, which can distinguish the taste and quality of wine much more effectively than humans.