Facebook launches ‘Canvas’ full-screen immersive advertising product

Social network Facebook announced the official rollout of its new tool -- called 'Canvas' -- for advertisers, unfolding an immersive mechanism for companies to reach out to consumers from within the popular social networking site.

Facebook using photo-tagging technology to create highly-detailed maps of where people live

In an announcement made via a blog post published in Monday, Facebook social network has revealed that it has efforts underway to use its photo-tagging technology to create detailed maps of the area in which the Facebook users live.

BMW launches high-performance 2016 M2 Coupe

Bigwig automaker BMW launched its new 2016 BMW M2 Coupe at the Laguna Seca race track in California this week.

The 2016 BMW M2 Coupe, which has already received upbeat reviews from auto experts, will become available for purchase at authorized BMW centers in April. The car will be priced at $51,700 -- excluding Destination and Handling charges -- for the base model.

HP to launch ‘Sprout Pro’ PC for educational and enterprise markets next month

In a move underscoring part of Hewlett-Packard (HP)’s strategy to differentiate its computers via innovative “immersive” technologies, the company has announced a new version of its Sprout consumer creativity PC.

Environment Plays Major Role in Man’s Sexual Orientation, Finds Study

Researchers in a latest study claim that they have found nine parts of the male genetic code that can determine whether a person is heterosexual or homosexual. The study authors said they have found evidence that environment also plays a role in man’s sexual orientation by altering the activity of certain genes.