Google launches ‘Google Play Family Library’ for apps, movies, books, and TV

In a recently-published blog post, Google has announced that it is launching a new Family Sharing feature for Google Play apps, movies, TV shows, and books. The feature is called the 'Google Play Family Library.'

J&J subsidiary Acclarent to pay $18 million to resolve allegations involving Stratus

Justice Department announced Friday that Johnson & Johnson Inc subsidiary Acclarent Inc will pay $18 million to settle allegations levied on it that it has led healthcare providers to submit wrong claims to Medicare and other federal healthcare programs.

Facebook discontinues its ‘Paper’ standalone news reading app

Social network Facebook has revealed in a recent message posted to all users of its standalone news reading app 'Paper' that the app is being discontinued by the company in about a month.

Google admits that Android’s update system is “not ideal”

Tech giant Google has officially acknowledged the widely-known fact that Android's update system is far from perfect. The issues with the Android system of updates are apparently rooted in Google's dependence on Android device manufacturers and wireless carriers for rolling out updates.

LinkedIn: 2012 hack was much worse than the company realized at the time

In a statement released on Wednesday, popular professional networking site LinkedIn said that new information uncovered by the company suggests that the massive 2012 data breach was much worse than it had thought at that time.