Apple signs deal with Samsung for 92M OLED iPhone panels

California-based tech giant Apple Inc. has signed a multi-year contract with electronics giant Samsung for the supply more than ninety million curved OLED panels, according to media reports.

SpaceX set to prove that its rockets can be reused

SpaceX’s first opportunity to prove that its rockets can really be reused will come next week, when the company will attempt to re-fly one of the Falcon 9 rockets that it recovered from its past sp

California’s Prop 61 aims to cut cost of prescription drugs

The California Drug Price Relief Act, or Proposition 61, would drag down the huge cost of prescription drugs in the state, supporters like Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders claim.

California voters to consider anti-smoking initiative in November

A California ballot initiative, which would not only increase taxes on tobacco products but also add previously untaxed e-cigarettes to the list, is scheduled to be placed before state voters for consideration in November.

Californians urged to support plastic bag ban initiative

Environmental and government leaders on Monday urged Californian voters to vote for Proposition 67, which proposes to put a ban on plastic bags at grocery stores and pharmacies.

Dan Jacobson, the legislative director for Environment California, and other backers of Proposition 67 gathered at the City Administration building in downtown San Diego to raise awareness about plastic pollution.