Scientists and citizens share hunger to find Planet Nine

The idea of the possible existence of “Planet Nine” near the far edge of our solar system has been perplexing astronomers since January last year, CalTech scientists claimed that they had detected

Reef twilight area offers species protection from coral bleaching: expert says

While climate scientists are desperately scrambling to find out ways to protect coral reefs, Queensland Museum’s senior curator Tom Bridge has said that there is a reef "twilight zone" that protect

Childhood obesity rates rise during holidays: researchers find

It is difficult to make a dent in the growing problem of childhood obesity just by focusing on school food and physical education programs because childhood obesity rates jump during the holidays,

Australian Red Cross Blood Service apologizes for data breach

The Australian Red Cross Blood Service has apologized for the recently-detected massive data breach, in which unknown hackers slipped away with personal details of as many as 550,000 blood donors.