Tesla Motors

Tesla Files Lawsuit Against Autopilot Team Leader Sterling Anderson for Stealing Secrets

Tesla Motors has filed a lawsuit against Sterling Anderson, the leader of autopilot team at the company for stealing secrets.

Tesla officially inaugurates its $5B Gigafactory in Nevada

Last week, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors held a grand inauguration of its massive $5-billion Gigafactory located in Nevada. At the Gigafactory, which was first proposed three years back, Tesla will produce lithium- ion batteries required for its electric cars.

Tesla is working to make changes to radar system in its vehicles

In an announcement made via a Twitter post published last Thursday, Tesla Motors’ CEO Elon Musk said that the electric vehicle manufacturer has efforts underway to make changes to the radar system in its vehicles.

Experts opine that self-driving technology should not be discarded because of Tesla Model S fatal crash

With a 2015 Tesla Model S electric sedan having been involved in a fatal crash when driven in automated mode in May, advocates of self-driving cars are now scrambling to contain the fallout of the crash.