Samsung Extends Warranty Period of its Galaxy Smart Phones

As per anew report, Samsung is now extending the warranties of its devices after a negative report by the Chinese state media. Earlier, Samsung was criticized for a `sudden death' found in its smart phones like Galaxy S III and Note II.

Samsung does not want to Drag Rivals to Court over patent Dispute

European Union regulators revealed on Thursday that Samsung Electronics is not willing to drag its rivals, like Apple, to court over patent disputes so as to end an antitrust investigation. The move is likely to end a feud between the world's biggest mobile operators. Samsung is also likely to be benefitted from the move by averting a possible fine of up to $18.3 billion.

Samsung’s shares fall on forecast of weaker-than-expected Q2 profits

On Friday, South Korean electronics giant Samsung Electronics projected weaker-than-estimated profits for the April-June quarter; thereby triggering an almost 4 percent plunge in the company's shares in the Seoul stock market.

Samsung unveils Galaxy S4 Mini, ATIV line of Windows-based tablets

At a Thursday event in a London exhibition hall, South Korean device manufacturers Samsung Electronics unveiled a number of devices, including the Galaxy S4 Mini handset; two new ATIV tablets; and the upgraded version of its Galaxy NX camera.

Images of Galaxy S4 mini show up on Samsung’s official apps site

In what apparently is an unofficial substantiation of the rumors about a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini handset, the Samsung apps site recently showed up images of the purported pint-sized version of Galaxy S4.