Researchers Capture Solar Eruption in a Photo

On June 7, a group of astronomers could successfully capture a photograph of a solar eruption. A report has lately uncovered that the eruption resulted in tons of plasma that are being thrown into space.

NASA’s “Asteroid Great Challenge”

NASA has started with a mission dubbed as "Asteroid Grand Challenge". White House and NASA are all set to find out all the asteroids that have the potential of striking the Earth. According to the scientists, there are multitudes of asteroids available for study but only a few of them can cause a potential threat to Earth.

Lego Creates Model of NASA’s MARS Curiosity

A small model of NASA's Mars Curiosity has been developed and created by Lego. After a selection and voting process, model was chosen to take a specific shape.

Exoplanet Discovery Questions Existing Planet-Formation Theory

A group of researchers at NASA has discovered formation of an alien planet very far from its host star. It is being said that the same could challenge the already known way of formation of planets.

NASA’s Cassini Spacecraft Finds Subsurface Ocean on Dione

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has revealed certain new facts about Saturn's moon Dione. It is said that the Dione is having a subsurface ocean, which was once geologically active.