Mt. Pinatubo Volcanic Eruption of 1991 Actually Cooled Earth: Study

According to a latest research one volcanic eruption can possible skew the data on increasing sea levels.

New Study makes Mystery of KIC 8462852 More Confusing

A distant star, KIC 8462852, has been baffling astronomers from last year due to its strange fluctuations in light. The flickering light of the star, also called ‘Tabby’s Star’, has been forcing scientists to look closely and find what’s obstructing their view.

After reaching to farthest point into Jupiter’s orbit, Juno is now falling back

With the successful completion of another milestone, Juno has now stepped into the second phase of Jupiter’s orbit. After reaching the farthest point into the orbit, it is now falling back.

Research outlines 216 Kepler planets located within ‘habitable zone’

ASU belongs to an international team that has indicated towards the exoplanets, out of the over 4,000 exoplanets found by NASA's Kepler mission, with the highest chances of being similar to our planet.

New audit: NASA may be moving too hastily towards crewed Mars exploration

In the recent years, the US space agency NASA has taken bold steps in the direction of crewed Mars exploration. But, a new audit suggested that the agency could be moving quite hastily.