InSight receives approval for its rescheduled launch in 2018

NASA has rescheduled InSight mission for May 2018 after its earlier date for launch was postponed due to glitches in its science instrument. In December 2015, the spacecraft’s SEIS was found to have vacuum leak that forced authorities to delay the launch in order to make repairs. The spacecraft was originally scheduled to be launched in May 2016.

Year-long study foresees extensive applications of AI in North American cities by year 2030

Stanford University’s year-long study has predicted wide applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in North American cities by year 2030. However, it mentioned that the success measure for the rapidly emerging technologies was the value they create for human lives.

September 1’s rare double eclipse noticed by NASA Astronomers

The US space agency NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory records numerous fascinating sights in its geosynchronous orbit, like intense solar flares and other celestial bodies passing the surface of the sun.

Spitzer still working after 13 years of launch begins third phase mission

Spitzer Space Telescope was launched in 2003. Scientists working with it never thought the telescope would survive as long as more than 13 years of period. But it worked with imagination that is beyond expectation. The telescope completed two of its phases, and now embarks on to start third phase that is termed as ‘Beyond’.

Latest Pictures of Mars sent by NASA's Curiosity Rover show Earth-like landscape

A sight showing eroded mesas and buttes, covered with wind erosion-resistant rock can make anybody think about the US Southwest, but surprisingly it was the description of the latest pictures of the Red Planet beamed back to Earth from NASA's Curiosity Rover.