December bringing numerous celestial events for star gazers

The ongoing month of December is bringing a number of celestial events for star gazers to feat their eyes on, including the final supermoon of this year.

Venus is inhabited by aliens: so-called ‘truth-seekers’ believe

Some satellite images of the surface of the dry and blistering hot planet of Venus show artificial structures and huge cities, so-called “truth-seekers” and alien hunter believe.

NASA releases first color photos of Mars lander Schiaparelli’s crash site

American space agency NASA has released the first color images of the European Space Agency’s Mars lander Schiaparelli’s crash site, providing new details about the lander’s abortive touchdown atte

Hexagon on Saturn’s North Pole mysteriously changed color: NASA

American space agency NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has noticed that the giant hexagon surrounding Saturn’s North Pole has changed color.

NASA focuses on developing new supports for astronaut’s health during deep space exploration missions

A group of experts is working with the US space agency NASA to find out what medical training and technology astronauts require to address any emergency situation such as a heart attack, even when not in contact with the Earth.