Xiaomi and Microsoft announce “cross-license and patent transfer agreement”

Reuters has revealed in a recent report that Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has acquired nearly 1,500 patents from US software giant Microsoft, as part of a new intellectual property (IP) deal between the two companies. The Microsoft patents purchased by Xiaomi are chiefly related to video, wireless and other technologies.

Mojang partners with NetEase to launch PC and Pocket versions of Minecraft in China

In a Friday announcement, Microsoft-owned game developer Mojang said that it has partnered with Chinese software publisher NetEase to launch a version of the popular Minecraft game in China.

Microsoft: Developers can now submit ‘paid’ apps for inclusion in Windows Store for Business

In a move which will facilitate app developers in selling their products to businesses running Windows 10, Microsoft said in a Thursday announcement that app developers can now submit 'paid' apps for inclusion in the Windows Store for Business.

Microsoft acquires Italian IoT startup Solair

On Tuesday, software giant Microsoft announced in a blog post that it has acquired Solair, an Internet of Things (IoT) startup based in Italy. The financial terms of the acquisition deal have not been officially disclosed.

Microsoft: ‘Minecraft: Education Edition’ will be available for teachers as ‘free’ download

In an announcement made via a blog post on Thursday, Microsoft said that the 'Minecraft: Education Edition' will be available as a 'free' download for teachers, when the edition becomes available in beta format beginning May.