Microsoft announces free browser version of Skype aimed at small businesses

Software giant Microsoft announced a new service called 'Skype Meetings' on Tuesday. The service chiefly underscores a free browser version of Skype aimed specifically at small businesses.

Microsoft: Number of Windows 10 devices has reached 350 million

According to a post published to Microsoft’s official blog on Wednesday, the number of devices running the company’s latest Windows version -- the Windows 10 operating system -- has touched 350 million.

The new milestone in the Windows 10 uptake was announced, via the blog post, by Yusuf Mehdi, marketing chief of the Windows and devices group.

Travel agent took Microsoft to court over Windows 10 upgrade tactics; won $10K judgment

According to a Seattle Times report, software giant Microsoft paid an amount of $10,000 to California-based travel agent Teri Goldstein last month, after she took the legal route against the company over its Windows 10 upgrade tactics, and won a small claims court ruling in her favor.

Microsoft: Edge is the most energy-efficient browser on Windows 10

According to software giant Microsoft, the company’s Edge browser -- the default browser included in the Windows 10 OS -- consumes less battery as compared to any of the other browsers.