Google launches ‘Google Play Family Library’ for apps, movies, books, and TV

In a recently-published blog post, Google has announced that it is launching a new Family Sharing feature for Google Play apps, movies, TV shows, and books. The feature is called the 'Google Play Family Library.'

Google’s updates Android Phone app to add spam detection feature

Tech giant Google has rolled out an update to its Phone app for Android, to add spam protection against unwanted calls. Initially, the availability of the spam detection feature will be limited to those Phone app users who own Nexus or Android One devices.

Google rolls out ‘Bubble Zoom’ feature to make reading comics on mobile devices easier

In an announcement made at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, tech giant Google said that it is rolling out a new Android feature – called ‘Bubble Zoom’ – which, with the help of machine learning, will facilitate comic book fans in reading comics on mobile devices.

Google taps into DeepMind neural network to improve energy efficiency at its data centers

In a recently published blog post, tech giant Google has revealed that the superior intelligence of DeepMind neural network has been effectively tapped by the company to find ways in which the energy used in its data centers – which comprise nearly 40 percent of the worldwide Internet – can be vastly reduced.

Google launches new AMP for Ads project

In an announcement made on Tuesday, tech giant Google announced the launch of a new project -- Accelerated Mobile Pages for Ads (A4A) -- which has been designed to persuade advertisers to create ads which load faster on mobile devices.