Alphabet to sell its satellite business to Planet Labs

Backing away from another one of its peripheral missions, Google's parent firm Alphabet Inc. is selling its satellite business Terra Bella to rival firm Planet Labs Inc.

Google is refining its algorithm to weed out "non-authoritative" info

On Tuesday, tech biggie Google issued a statement in which it revealed that it has efforts underway to refine its algorithm so that "non-authoritative" information can be effectively weeded out.

Google fully integrates Maps and Calendar apps for Android users worldwide

In a Friday announcement, Google said that it is fully integrating its Maps and Calendar apps for Android users across the world, in an apparent effort to make daily logistics easier for users.

Google’s VR SDK 1.0, with support for Daydream, is now out of beta

In an announcement made on Thursday, Google revealed that its Daydream virtual reality (VR) platform is now open to developers, with the software development kit (SDK) coming out of beta and available on the Daydream developer site.

Google hints at unveiling of two new smartphones on Oct. 4

Tech giant Google released new video on prime time TV Monday, and also a 30-second spot on YouTube, hinting at the forthcoming announcement of the company’s two new smartphones next month.