Ford Motor recalls more than 220,000 Vehicles

Ford Motor Co. on Wednesday announced that it is recalling more than 220,000 vehicles due to an issue with the spring that controls the interior door handles. The company has recently become aware about the issue.

Ford adding 1,200 workers and second production shift for Transit van at KC Assembly Plant

Joe Hinrichs - Ford Motor Co's President of the Americas - officially announced on Thursday that Ford Motor has efforts underway to add a second shift of production for its new Transit van, which was launched at dealerships in June this year.

AARC files lawsuit against GM and Ford over vehicles with music-copying devices

The Alliance of Artists and Recording Companies (AARC) filed a lawsuit against General Motors (GM), Ford Motor Company and two suppliers on Friday, accusing the companies of circumventing obligations for music-copying devices installed on the vehicles.’s 2014 American-Made Index topped by Ford pickup F-150

The tough Ford F-150 pickup truck has topped the Cars. com's ninth annual American-Made Index --- a list of Top 10 best-selling vehicles which have been manufactured in the US, with more than 75 percent parts made in the domestic market.