Apple: Pokémon Go app has become the most downloaded App Store app ever in the first week

According to a TechCrunch report based on the information shared by Apple, game developer Niantic's outrageously popular ‘Pokémon Go’ mobile game has recorded the highest number of launch-week downloads ever by any app available in the App Store.

Apple includes iPhone and iPad Pro in its 2016 back-to-school promotion

In a Wednesday report, Creative Strategies analyst Carolina Milanesi said that tech giant Apple's inclusion of the iPhone and the iPad Pro in this year's back-to-school promotion is an apparent indication of the company's efforts towards managing a dwindling smartphone market as well as a steadily-declining tablet market.

Apple fires back at Spotify’s claims of unfair treatment

In a letter sent to streaming music giant Spotify last week, Apple general counsel Bruce Sewell has denied Spotify’s recent allegations that the tech biggie has been treating it unfairly.

Apple responds to Spotify’s ‘anticompetitive’ accusations to “set the record straight”

Tech giant Apple has issued a heated three-page response to a letter from streaming music company Spotify which had accused that the App Store policies put in place by Apple are ‘anticompetitive.’

Apple’s new MacOS Sierra operating system launching in fall 2016

According to reports, Apple’s new Mac desktops and MacBooks running on the first version of the company’s new MacOS desktop operating system will likely be available from fall 2016.

The first version of MacOS is codenamed ‘Sierra.’