Ireland needs to recover 13 billion euros from Apple in back taxes: EU

The European Commission has ruled out that Apple needs to repay 13 billion euros to Ireland in the form of back taxes. Ireland had a deal with Apple that helped the company to avoid taxes, but now the deal is perceived as being illegal by the commission.

Bloomberg: Apple Watch 2 will be launched this fall, without cellular connectivity

In a confirmation of the previous rumors related to Apple’s much-anticipated new Apple Watch version, Apple Watch 2, a Bloomberg report has revealed that Apple will likely announce new Apple Watch models this fall.

The report has also revealed that the Apple Watch 2 smartwatch will come with improved health tracking and built-in GPS chips.

Turi Bought By Apple for $200 Million

Seattle-based machine learning and artificial intelligence startup Turi has been bought by Apple in an acquisition deal worth approximately $200 million. The acquisition by the American multinational technology company is a move in its battle with Google, Amazon and Facebook in the domain of artificial intelligence (AI).

Apple to replace pistol emoji with green squirt gun emoji in new version of its operating system

Bigwig tech firm Apple has revealed in a recent announcement that it will introduce a green squirt gun emoji -- in place of the pistol emoji -- in the forthcoming new version of its operating system.