Stolen iPhone clicks photo of woman; emails it to handset’s owner

According to reports, a cool app installed on a stolen iPhone captured the picture of the woman who had stolen the handset earlier this month from the Coalition nightclub in Brighton, East Sussex; and sent the image to the iPhone's owner.

Australian police warns that Apple Maps’ inaccuracies could be “life-threatening”

With the inaccuracies in the Apple Maps software and the wayward directions given by it virtually stranding the Australian motorists in scorching heat, police officials in Mildura, Victoria have warned that the erroneous Maps app could be "life-threatening" to the motorists.

Apple’s iPhone 5 to be available in Israel from December 14, as part of worldwide launch

In a Tuesday announcement, Apple said that the company's latest iPhone - the iPhone 5 - will hit the Israel markets on Friday, December 14, when the handset will be launched worldwide in as many as 50 countries.

Apple expands iTunes Store into 56 new markets

Within days of its release of a new version of iTunes, Apple has now disclosed in a Tuesday announcement that the iTunes Store is being expanded into several countries; a move that will bring about a two-fold increase in the number of countries where the company's popular music-centric store already exists at present.