Two NASA astronauts successfully complete this year’s fourth and final planned spacewalk

Two NASA astronauts have successfully completed their spacewalk carried out on September 1 to carry out certain tasks. Withdrawing an additional cooling radiator and installation of two high-definition cameras were among the tasks completed by space station commander Jeff Williams and flight engineer Kate Rubins

New record set with discovery of most distant galaxy cluster

Scientists have discovered the most distant galaxy cluster, using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory and other telescopes. The galaxy cluster could have been captured immediately after birth, a brief, but significant evolution stage never observed before.

NASA plans to scatter its asteroid among the agency’s partners worldwide

The US space agency NASA's first asteroid-capture mission to the space rock Bennu is getting all set for September 8 launch, and researchers have anticipated its return on September 24, 2023, over seven years from now. But it's the time to decide who will take the asteroid on return.

Astronomers uncover previously unknown objects in outer reaches of Solar System

The US astronomers have found previously unknown objects in the suburbs of the Solar System. The newly found objects include an icy body accompanied by an object that drags it so much away from the Sun, probably making it influenced by other stars’ gravity.

Astronomers made the discovery while an initiative to locate a probable ninth planet, whose existence has been an indirect incident.

If life exists beyond Earth, could Proxima system be a place to find it?

Astronomers have found a potentially Earth-like planet in the livable zone of our nearest star, Proxima Centauri. The discovery has brought into limelight one of the biggestscience mysteries: Existence of life outside our world? And if yes, whether Proxima system could be a place to look out for it?