NASA releases first color photos of Mars lander Schiaparelli’s crash site

American space agency NASA has released the first color images of the European Space Agency’s Mars lander Schiaparelli’s crash site, providing new details about the lander’s abortive touchdown atte

SpaceX still investigating Falcon 9 rocket explosion

Elon Musk-led Space Exploration Technologies Corp.

Hexagon on Saturn’s North Pole mysteriously changed color: NASA

American space agency NASA’s Cassini spacecraft has noticed that the giant hexagon surrounding Saturn’s North Pole has changed color.

Scientists excited about potentially habitable Proxima B

The discovery of Proxima B by a team of astronomers at the European Southern Observatory (ESO) toward the end of August promptly attracted attention of the global scientific community, mainly because the exoplanet is believed to be habitable.

Mercury found to be tectonically active, NASA claims

Mercury has been found depicting similar geological processes as of Earth. Scientists at NASA found evidence for Mercury being tectonically active just like Earth.