China planning a mission to study dark side of the moon

China's premier space agency has indicated that it is planning to launch a mission to study the mysterious darker side of the moon.

ISS to be visible in western sky on Saturday

Space enthusiasts and sky-watchers will be able to see the International Space Station over the western sky on Wednesday as it passes overhead.

Space Coast All Set to Resume Rocket Launch This Week

According to reports, the Space Coast is all set to resume rocket launch this week. A liftoff of an Atlas V rocket carrying the Air Force's next Global Positioning System satellite is scheduled for Wednesday at 11:36 am.

Proud Endeavors -- Pluto’s New Horizons Mission and Philae Mission to Comet 67P

Certain events call for a celebration; two such events are the New horizon Mission to Pluto and the Rosetta or the Philae mission to Comet 67P, which have contributed significantly to space probe and continue doing so.

NASA's Dawn spacecraft reveals Ceres’ Strange Bright Spots

Latest images from NASA’s Dawn spacecraft has shown a cluster of bright, white spots on the surface of dwarf planet Ceres.