US and Europe Condemned For Reluctance towards Dealing with Climate Change

The US and Europe are facing condemnation from China regarding their attitude towards the climate changes and emission reduction targets, as per the recent reports.

Rich Countries need to reduce Green House Effect

It seems that responsibility to reduce the speed of climate change is now in the hands of rich countries. It has been found that talks with regard to climate change will be taking place in Qatar.

The basic bloc, who consists of countries South Africa, Brazil, India and China, has said that nothing can be done much until rich countries promise to lend all the possible help.

France and Germany Settle over Ariane Launcher

Differences between Germany and France have been conquered by the two nations on the development of the Ariane 5 rocket successor, reveals a recent report. Now, the plan for an Ariane 5 ME backed by Germany would go on its go.

Sea-level rise a major concern for Atlantic Coast Cities

According to the US Geological Survey, the rising sea-levels along the parts of the Atlantic Coast have led to concerns that the coastal areas could likely witness the swamping and erosion of beaches, wetlands and farm fields in the near future.

NASA hopes for a soft landing on Mars

A special animation from US space agency NASA provides a second-by-second breakdown of the landing plan of the high-tech Mars rover Curiosity, which is scheduled to attempt an acrobatic landing on the Mars surface; with the first signal of the feat expected to reach NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at around 3.31pm (AEST).