Measles-Like Virus Killed 753 Bottlenose Dolphins

Since July, as many as 753 Bottlenose dolphins have been washed up along the East Coast. The deaths have taken place due to a measles-like virus.

Experts have affirmed that it has happened for the first time in history that so many Bottlenose dolphins have died. Things have not come under control, said experts, who further affirmed that the situation has got even worse.

Third Orbit Raising Manoeuvres of the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft Performed on Saturday

On Saturday morning, orbit raising operation of the Mars Orbiter spacecraft was carried out, raising its apogee to over 71,000 km. Apogee means the extreme point from Earth. Out of a total of five, this was the third orbit raising operation.

Mars Orbiter Spacecraft Successfully Completes 2nd Orbit Raising Manoeuvres

India became the fourth country to successfully launch spacecraft on Mars. The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) launched the Mars Orbiter Spacecraft on November 5.

Oldest Fossil of Two Mating Insects has been Identified

About 165 million years ago, two insects were mating and in the middle of the matting process, the two died because of the poisonous gas released by the volcanic explosion.