American students name Trump in landmark climate change suit

A group of around two dozen American students has named President Donald Trump in a landmark lawsuit over the federal government’s climate-change policy that they claim can put their future in jeop

More than 400 whales stranded on a New Zealand beach: authorities confirm

Hundreds of pilot whales stranded on a New Zealand beach in the morning hours on Friday, marking one of the worst whale beachings in the country’s history.

Alphabet to sell its satellite business to Planet Labs

Backing away from another one of its peripheral missions, Google's parent firm Alphabet Inc. is selling its satellite business Terra Bella to rival firm Planet Labs Inc.

Republicans trying new way to avoid disagreement on climate change issue

Prior to the presidential election, Donald Trump and other Republicans openly denied scientific evidence suggesting that human activities like burning of fossil fuels are responsible for climate ch

U.S. space program may be at risk due to faulty Russian rocket engines

U.S. space agency NASA and the U.S. military may be at risk because of a major Russian scandal in which rocket engines were built out of cheap and potentially defective metal.