Brain’s ‘face-recognition’ area continues to grow into adulthood: study

It is commonly believed that the human brain grows fastest in early childhood and the rate growth slows down later as we age.

Mediterranean diet offers lasting benefits for brain health: study

Those who consume easy-to-follow Mediterranean diet can enjoy lasting benefits for brain health, a new study published Wednesday in the journal Neurology suggested.

Parental obesity could delay babies’ development: study

A new study has linked parental obesity to developmental delays in early childhood, suggesting that obese parents’ weight not just cause health issues to them but also hurt their kids.

Study suggests chemical imbalance in brain causes people to exercise less

Getting healthy and losing weight are among the most common New Year’s resolutions but many people fail to stick to their resolutions and get disappointed.

Ash tree-killing pest discovered in southwest Missouri

A bright green pest that is lethal to ash trees has been found in rural Laclede County and it is continuing to spread across Missouri, the state’s Department of Conservation has confirmed.