Millions of male Americans have cancer-linked HPV genital infections: study

Nearly half of American men are suffering from genital infections caused by sexually transmitted virus and a quarter of them have strains linked with various cancers, according to a new study.

Active lifestyle slows down pace of aging: study

A new study conducted by a team of California researchers have suggested that women can slow the pace of their aging by maintaining an active lifestyle as they get older.

Constant stress increases risk of heart attack: researchers say

Constant stress on a deep-lying region of the brain significantly increases the risk of heart attack, a new study published in "The Lancet" suggests.

Many women undergo breast cancer treatment unnecessarily: researchers say

Raising questions over the increasing use of breast cancer screenings, a Danish study has claimed that one in every three women with breast cancer detected by a mammogram are treated without need.

Brain’s ‘face-recognition’ area continues to grow into adulthood: study

It is commonly believed that the human brain grows fastest in early childhood and the rate growth slows down later as we age.