Night shifts, heavy lifting impair women’s fertility: study

Night shifts and heavy physical labor makes female workers less fertile than other women, according to a new research.

Air pollution increases dementia risk among elderly women: researchers warn

Air pollution is dangerous to the aging brain as it can increase the risk of the Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia, a research reported in the journal Translational Psychiatry says.

Even completely 'locked-in' patients can communicate: study

Despite their inability to move, speak and even make facial expressions to communicate, patients with complete locked-in syndrome have the goal-oriented thinking to express their thoughts to others

Children are closer to pets than their own siblings: study

A new study of children’s relationship with their pets has revealed that children derive more satisfaction from their animal companions and get along better with them than with their own siblings.

Contextual warning shrinks fake news’ power to influence: study

A contextual warning can help a lot in shrinking fake news or information’s power to influence people, according to a new strategy suggested by a team of international researchers.