Obese People have 56% Reduced Chance of Dying from Pneumonia

Tables turned when a study concluded that obesity is benificial for some. The research taken out by a group of researchers from the Canadian Institute for Health Research has found that obese people are less likely to die from pneumonia than normal weighted people.

Muscle Strength Plays Vital Role in Long life

Researchers from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden have revealed that it is necessary for people in their young age to exercise. The team says the absence of this habit of exercising can raise one's risk of early death.

Handshake can seal a deal

A deal can be sealed with a firm handshake. Many might think that it is an old thought but it helps.

According to the researchers, positive impressions can be initiated with the gesture and bad ones can be fazed away.

Eat eggs to stay fit

A new research has suggested that eggs in breakfast will help manage weight better as compared to cereals for people who are overweight.

The American Egg Board has funded the study and it was found that the hunger was reduced by consuming eggs and hormones that make you feel fuller also get a boost.

Two groups were made and one group was given eggs in breakfast and another was given cereal and lunch followed after three hours. This was done to test their hunger.

Garlic can keep food poisoning bacteria away

A compound found in garlic is effective in keeping the common bacteria that causes food poisoning and the effectiveness is about 100 times, according to scientists. The bacterium is called Campylobacter.

Flesh and poultry both are seen having Campylobacter and in recent years there has been a rise in cases of food poisoning and one reason for this is serving pink chicken liver pate.