Children’s Medicines Contain Banned Additives that can Cause Hyperactivity

According to a latest report, it has been revealed by experts that some of the most popular children's medicines contain drugs that have been banned earlier and can cause an unnatural hyperactivity in them.

Five years back, in a landmark study, a group of additives known as "Southampton Seven" were proven to increase the hyperactive behaviour in children.

Pre-Cambrian Oxygen Content Same as that during Cambrian Explosion: Study

A group of researchers has published its latest study in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The research claimed that the oxygen content some 2.1 billion years back on Earth was likely the same as that through the Cambrian explosion.

White Island at Risk of Facing More Eruptions

In the opinion of a volcanologist, White Island could see a series of volcanic eruptions down the road. The next 16 months could be consumed by the eruptions to conclude.

How Pacific Ocean Temperatures are related to Tornado Locations?

Scientists have found a clear link between surface temperature of Pacific Ocean and the locations where tornadoes occur in the United States. Scientists were able to establish the above link after examining 56,457 tornado-like events, occurred between 1950 and 2011.