New York Water Bodies need Urgent Attention of Authorities: Schumer

The federal government in the United Nations has received a personal request from democrat Charles Schumer for handing the growth of algae bloom in the New York water bodies.

Sea Turtles Swallow Plastics, Under Serious Threat Due to Plastic Waste Flow in Oceans

Nearly 50% of the sea turtles have regularly been swallowing plastic waste flowing into the oceans from household wastes, according to researchers at the University of Queensland. These turtles are under threat of extinction now.

Study Reveals Irish Society’s Take on People Experiencing Mental Health Difficulties

According to St Patrick’s Mental Health Services, the stigma in people experiencing mental health difficulties is ingrained in the Irish society. The service concluded this after it conducted a research to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day.

Starfish-killing Robot to guard Great Barrier Reef soon

Australian researchers have created a robot to look for and destroy the crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), wreaking havoc on the Great Barrier Reef’s coral. It is the world’s first robot designed for this purpose. According to the researchers, COTS have led to an estimated 40% of the reef’s total decline in coral cover.