Asia most affected by weather-related disasters, UN report says

On Monday, a report was published by the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNISDR), suggesting that 90% of natural disasters occurred in the previous 20 years was related to weather.

The global catastrophes, including floods, heat waves, extreme cold, storms and droughts have taken more than 600,000 lives and affected an average of 4 billion people across the globe.

Doomed Phobos will gift a Ring to Mars

One of the Mars’ moons is getting closer and closer to the rocky planet and could create a ring around the Red Planet, according to a new study. Phobos, biggest moon of Mars, has been towards the Red Planet.

Huntsville Family films Shark Feeding Frenzy off Panama City Beach

An Inlet Beach family captured sharks feeding frenzy in a video. The family spotted a large swarm of sharks approaching the shoreline when they were enjoying in the beach in Panama City.

‘Living’ Bridges Formed By Army Ants Help Those Cover Gaps and Travel Efficiently

A group of researchers recently discovered complex bridges that are constructed by Eciton army ants with their own bodies. Researchers said these bridges are constructed to span gaps in the colony’s foraging trail.

According to a paper published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the ants also weigh the costs and benefits if making long, living bridges.