Hillary Clinton will propose spending $2 billion a year in an attempt to cure Alzheimer's by 2025

The deaths from Alzheimer’s have been exploding in the US, so Hillary Clinton is willing to highlight the issue of curing the disease for the women and minority voters, who are disproportionately vulnerable to developing it.

Decline in fruit-eating animals could have a knock-on effect for tree species, study findings show

According to study, large animals’ extinction from tropical forests can possibly make climate change worse because such animals are essential in dispersing dense wood trees which are more successful at carbon dioxide capturing and storing from the atmosphere as compared to tinier trees.

MIT Scientists Create Algorithm That Can Make Your Photos More Memorable

A new algorithm created by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has the capability to make a photograph more captivating and memorable at accuracy very much similar to that of humans.

As per the team, the algorithm can very well tell which faces, scenes and objects in photographs are more likely remembered by humans.

Health officials hope free portable kit with condoms, lubricant and section for pills will be used to carry Truvada

In summer last year, a 22-year-old black man who had got diagnosed with HIV recently has gone to a clinic at Mount Sinai Hospital where an infectious disease specialist, Demetre Daskalakis attended him. The specialist is going to become the assistant commissioner of HIV and AIDS prevention unit of New York City.

Delay in Effective Plans to Stop Asian Crap Will Increase Chances Of Its Invasion

Asian carp that has been detected in the Mississippi river's tributaries toward the Chicago area has raised worries among officials. The Obama administration and state officials even adopted some quick measures to stop the spread of the invasive species, but these efforts also failed to head off the invasion by Asian carp.