Need to "De-Glamourise” Smoking: Professor Ian Olver

There seems to be no end to rising lung cancer cases, but the fact that women are more at a risk of lung cancer has shocked one and all. It was found in a recent report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare that more women are being identified with lung cancer as compared to their counterparts. It was told that among women, lung cancer has increased by as much as 72% while men are facing drip of 32% between 1982 and 2007.

Parents want in-school diabetes care

A petition has been launched by parents of children with Type 1 diabetes about the B. C. government not being able to provide in-school assistants who can manage to adjust insulin pumps.

According to Shirley Parsons, the mother of a third grader who requires daily insulin injections, her child's disability is something that is not being cared for by the current provincial care plan.

She said, "As parents, we feel the province is not taking Type 1 diabetes seriously enough."

Of some people who are suffering from Type 1 diabetes, blood sugar levels are managed with insulin pumps.

Global Health Fund Gets another $20 Million Loss

The Global Fund organization, which works to fight AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria has revealed that they have found 12 more fraud cases in their organization of about $20 million.

It has been happening for long time that the organization is in the news for such mismanagement, either due to fraud or due to misspending.

Ovarian cancer spreads through fatty cells inside abdomen

Omentum which is a layer of fat cells inside the abdomen can play a major role in fuelling the spread of ovarian cancer, according to a laboratory-based research by US scientists.

In the UK ovarian cancer is the fourth leading cause of deaths among women and researchers from the University of Chicago believe the fat cells that make up the omentum provide nutrients that fuel ovarian cancer's growth and spread.

Germany's Justice Minister Calls for Probe over Spyware Use

As the news of a spyware being used to breach into the privacy of users is being running all over Germany, a controversy has been kick started over the legitimacy of using the spyware to keep a close eye on users.

Apparently, the charges are true but the purpose is told to be part of investigation of serious criminal cases. Nonetheless, states intervention is being called for so that the level of breach is being ascertained.