Wolfgang Schaeuble Hails Lawmakers for Support

The Finance Minister of Germany, Wolfgang Schaeuble, has hailed the lawmakers for backing the most recent euro package consequent to a debate on the matter in German Parliament. In addition, the minister has assured Greece for every possible support along with an advisory note.

The lawmakers are scheduled to cast their votes on September 26, in order to make a decision on the expenditure of powers of the €440 billion euro- area rescue fund. On the other hand, the opposition members have also nodded to back the matter, and raised the chances of its passes.

Among European Countries, Birth Rate Lowest in Germany and Highest in Ireland

Germany has been facing slump in the birthrates whereas it's opposite in the case of Ireland.

Eurostat, the European Commission's number-crunching arm, has revealed that Irish population has been increasing as the birth rate was quite high among the other European countries. The country has been producing almost twice as many babies per head of population. However, Germany's birth rate was the lowest among other European countries.

New Dialysis Machine for Germany Hospital

It has been revealed according to a recent report that the Fresenius Medical Care facility in Germany shall buy a Dialysis machine for a sum of $1.7billion. They are going to buy the same from Liberty dialysis, which is a small firm from Mercer Island in Washington. The firm has as many as 260 clinics which generate annual revenue of as much as $1 billion. The deal is supposed to become final by the start of the next year.

It is believed that it is a good machine and that it shall benefit the patients. This would also mean better revenues for the hospital.

Nigerian Woman Assisted by Health Tourism Exposed as Illegal Avon Lady

The Nigerian woman, for whom NHS has spent up to £200,000, as she gave birth to quintuplets, has been exposed to be working illegally as an Avon Lady.

The 33 year old woman has been distributing cosmetics catalogues for quite a long time. As her visa has expired last month, she was not able to receive the advantage.

German E.coli outbreak linked to cucumbers from Spain

The cause behind the recent deaths and widespread illness due to the epidemic of E.