Sea turtles nest in record numberson coast of North Carolina

Sea turtles are nesting in record numbers this season on North Carolina's coast. The North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission has recently confirmed an estimated number of more than 1,600 nests on the state’s coast. The commission runs the sea turtle project that aims to protect nesting sea turtles at beach sites across the state.

Research: Current models used to predict species’ survival in warming world might be off target

ASU professor-co-authored study has demonstrated the role shade distribution across an animal’s habitat plays in its well-being. As per a new research that enlisted the help of dozens of spiny lizards in the New Mexico desert, existing models used for the prediction of species survival in a warming world could be off target.

Scientists discover ghostly, elusive snake species in Madagascar

Scientists have discovered a difficult to find species of snake in Madagascar. The pale greysnake is believed to have ghostly appearance. The researchers have named the species Madagascarophislolo, which in Malagasy means ghost. The discovery of the elusive snake species was published in the journal Copeia.

Melting of Antarctic sea ice could be freshening Southern Ocean, say scientists

Salinity is crucial for ocean circulation, transportation of heat and nutrients across sea. However, this necessary feature of ocean is gradually reducing from around Antarctica. Researchers until now were unable to conclude the reason for this change, but now they have an answer.

A first in 20 years: Two blue whales Enter New Hampshire Coast

It is not common to spot blue whales in waters off the coast of New Hampshire. On Friday, the uncommon view became possible when two blue whales were seen in the area water. Spotting one is unusual, but there were two whales seen together for the first time in last 20 years.