Scientists find nursery for sand tiger sharksin the Great South Bay

A team of scientists have said that they have found a rare nursery for sand tiger sharks in the Great South Bay area. They said that the shark has been listed as “vulnerable” and “critically endangered” in some areas of the world and their population has declined over the years due to overfishing and other reasons.

Bird enthusiasts gear up for Annual Count in South Mississippi

This Christmas, bird enthusiasts would be gathering around Christmas throughout the Western Hemisphere for, what they call, “the longest-running wildlife census”. Besides keeping track of the winged species that reach South Mississippi, the annual census’s aim is to check the health of the environment.

Japan Whaling Fleet leaves Shore for Antarctic hunt

Doesn’t matter what other nations think about Japan’s whaling as the country has decided to continue its whale-capturing programs. Until now, the East Asian country has sailed four ships to hunt whales in the Antarctic. This time, the hunting could span until March 2016.

Australia considering legal action against Japan over whaling

The authorities in Australia have said that they are considering taking legal actions against Japan’s decision to resume whaling in the Southern Ocean.

Report saysIndia needs $1 Trillion by 2030 to tackle climate change

A new report has said that the India needs as much as $1 Trillion by the year 2030 in order to control the climate changes.