Few Things to Help Weaker Students Excel

Weaker students can be hard to deal with for teachers. They require extra time and effort to be taught some basic lessons. Therefore, teachers require to be more diligent and patient when dealing with these students.
Apart from exerting hard work and devoting extra time, there are certain techniques teachers can apply to help weaker students to excel.

Some of these techniques include:

Do not Praise but Encourage them to do Better

One of the most important advice while dealing with weaker students is to encourage them with positive comments. It is to be noted that they should be encouraged not praised. There is a vast difference between encouraging them and praising them. Encouragement would lead to motivated that will help them to work harder.

Eliminate the Fear of Failure from their Minds

Students, particularly those who are weak in studies, have this fear of failure in mind that often acts as a roadblock. Therefore, if you want your students to excel, it is important for you to eliminate the fear of failures from their mind. Make them aware of the fact that failing is not as bad as it is made out to be. They should treat failure as an opportunity to learn more. Once their mind has been made free from the fear of failure, they will be able to focus and concentrate more on their studies and the result will definitely be a better one. Check out articles like this on how to overcome the fear of failure.

Daily Follow-Up

It is another effective technique that will help your weaker students to excel in studies. It is important to give them daily follow-up assignments, it will help them to memorize the lesson. Furthermore, you can also conduct quick short examinations to evaluate their progress. If they do well in these exams, it can serve as a source of motivation for them and they may start working extra hard to produce even better results.

Use Real-Life Examples

Whether or not you are dealing with weaker students, it is a must-apply technique. Always use real-life examples while teaching. Students can connect with them in a better way; thus, grasp the concept being taught fully. The kind of impact real-life example leave on students, the bookish material cannot. Learn from the real world examples in economics that tutors like Mr Kelvin Hong have painstakingly produced.

Arrange Coaching Classes

This one is for parents! If you believe your child is not producing the desired results in studies, arrange coaching classes for them for the subjects they are facing difficulties with. Make sure you are getting them enrolled in a reliable coaching centre that is renowned for its quality education and experienced faculty. Furthermore, ensure there are subject specialists in the coaching centre who are at the helm of teaching different subjects. For example, if your child is weak in Economics, do your research on economics tuition in Singapore and find the best coaching centre.
There you have it! These are some of the best techniques that you can follow to help weaker students excel in studies and produce excellent results.