Ford Recalls 550,000 Units Due to Transmission Issues

Ford has recently issued a recall order for 550,000 units of Fusion and Escape that were built from 2013 to 2016 and 2013 to 2014, respectively. 
“The problem stems from the transmission -- or, rather, a part connected to it. A bushing responsible for holding the shifter cable in the transmission might detach. If that happens, the transmission might be in a different gear than what the driver may think it's in,” a CNET report read
If left unattended and unaddressed, the car may roll out unexpectedly, said a report. Ford has not received any complaints of injuries in line with the said recall order. 
Majority of the 550,000 units sold are in the US. Others are in either Canada or Mexico. For one, Ford Escape is among the top cars sold in Canada so far this year. 
“Historically, the Ford Escape was the preeminent SUV sales leader in Canada. That changed in 2016 when the Toyota RAV4 took over. Halfway through 2018, the Escape sits third among utility vehicles as the current generation approaches its seventh model year. Escape demand peaked in Canada in 2014 with 52,198 total sales,” a report read.
 Meanwhile, Ford Fushion has received raving reviews when it was launched to the public as its 12 variants offered “abundance of choice” to the buyers. 
“The Ford Fusion feels really good on the road, be it in the city or on the highway, or just about anywhere you can find smooth roads to drive on,” a Carbuzz review read, adding that, “you’d be doing yourself an injustice if you didn’t closely examine the range before buying in this segment.” 
Fortunately, CNET said that addressing the transmission issue is “straightforward.” 
“When the car is dropped off at a dealership, technicians will replace the shifter cable bushing in question. In the interim, Ford suggests that owners of affected vehicles use the parking brake every time the car is placed in Park. That way, even if it's still in gear, the parking brake will keep it from moving unintentionally,” the report added.