German carmakers’ technology may be well ahead of Tesla’s Autopilot

Some German tech firms may have more sophisticated technology than U.S. electric car giant Tesla’s current version of Autopilot, according to a new report by Bernstein. The newly published report went on to say that Tesla’s Autopilot technology mayn’t be as far along as several investors believe.

Bernstein analyst Max Warburton stressed that Tesla might have many advantages but its self-driving capabilities were probably exaggerated.

In the report, Warburton said, “While Tesla has many advantages; we believe its self-driving capabilities are exaggerated. The Germans – who are working closely with suppliers like Nvidia, Intel as well as Conti and Bosch – are probably just as well positioned.”

According to the report, the German firms have probably been under-estimated and undervalued in terms of self-driving and electric vehicle technology.

Luxury auto giant Audi, for instance, recently launched a new version of the A8 model that reportedly has so-called level 3 autonomy up to 37 miles per hour.