Windows 10 Source Code Leaked: Microsoft

Microsoft has confirmed that some part of Windows 10 source code has leaked online. Some of the leaked source code was posted to Beta Archive this week. Beta Archive website keeps track of Microsoft Windows releases. The leaked source code could offer hackers a chance to play with some of the source code for Windows 10 and try to search for security loopholes in the code. The source code leak was first reported by technology website ‘The Register’, based in the United Kingdom.

The source code leaked online has two important modules including USB and Wi-Fi for Windows 10. As per the report published by The Register, the code was probably stolen in March this year. While some technology experts consider the leak as a major security issue, others aren’t showing a major concern over the leaked code. A report published by The Verge said that majority of code leaked recently has been released by Microsoft for development partners and other customers.

The leaked code has led to major embarrassment for Microsoft. Windows 10 has been termed as a secure and better performing operating system from Microsoft.

Detectives in the United Kingdom arrested a 22-year-old man from Lincolnshire, and a 25-year-old man from Bracknell on Thursday in a case related to unauthorized access to Microsoft network.

Beta Archive has removed the files from its servers. Beta Archive owner Andrew Whyman informed that the code released on the website was 1.2 GB in size and it has been removed from the FTP server already.