Bulgaria Raises Salary for Teachers by 15 Percent starting September

Bulgarian Minister of Education and Science Krasimir Velchev announced 15 percent salary hike for teachers in Bulgaria starting September this year. Teachers in Bulgaria are among the lowest paid in the European Union. Employees in many other sectors receive lower salary compared to workforce in Romania and Croatia. Velchev informed that the current government aims to increase the salary for teachers by 100 percent by the end of current government’s mandate.

Velchev was talking on a Bulgarian National Radio show and informed that the Ministry of Education and Science is planning to setup a new governance programme. The aim of the government is to improve quality of education and to offer good payouts to teachers, Velchev said. The minister added that it is important to motivate teachers in small settlements and remote areas. Currently, the average gross annual salary for teachers in Bulgaria is 7,200 Leva (3675 Euro).

Compared to European Union average school dropout of 11 percent, Bulgaria has higher dropout rate at 13.4 percent.

The ministry is also aiming to increase the number of schools in Bulgaria. The new coalition government under leadership of Boyko Metodiev Borisov has announced many plans to improve governance in Bulgaria. Borisov had resigned last year after the candidate supported by GERB lost in the Presidential elections.