Kaleo Pharma to launch totally free EpiPen alternative

A totally free alternative to the expensive epinephrine auto-injector EpiPen will soon be available in the United States, thanks to the return of Kaleo Pharma’s auto-injector Auvi-Q.

Auvi-Q is an auto-adrenaline-injection system similar to EpiPen. Manufacturer Kaleo had to recall it last fall, but it has been allowed by authorities to return to the market by 14th of February this year.

The regular price of Auvi-Q is $360, but there will be a couple of ways to get it for free. Any patient with health insurance will get it for free. It will also be free to patients who live in households with annual income of less than $100,000.

Spencer Williamson, the chief executive of Kaleo, said in a statement, “No epinephrine auto-injector, branded or even generic, will cost a commercially insured patient less out of pocket than Auvi-Q.”

Given that a vast majority of people in the United States have insurance, and those who do not have insurance are highly likely to be poor; it appears free Auvi-Q will be available to nearly everyone.

Mylan, the manufacturer of EpiPen that has increased the price of the auto-injector by a whopping 500 per cent over the last decade, will likely soon lose its dominance over the allergy prescription market as a variety of affordable alternatives are ready to hit the market.