High-speed wireless ISP Webpass is being acquired by Google Fiber

On Thursday, high-speed wireless ISP Webpass revealed that it is being acquired by Google Fiber. The acquisition - which has also been confirmed by Google Fiber via a recent post on its Twitter account - will likely be completed this summer pending regulatory approval.

In announcing the acquisition of Webpass by Google Fiber, Charles Barr - the founder of Webpass - said that the acquisition will essentially give Webpass the ability to speed up its deployment of ultra-high speed Internet connections for customers across the US.

The cost of the Webpass service is $60 per month, for speeds ranging between 100Mbps and 1Gbps.

With the key focus area of Webpass being the deployment of high-speed Internet connections at multi-unit residential buildings and businesses, chiefly using point-to-point wireless, Barr said that the company's acquisition by Google Fiber will enable it to witness much faster growth -- and reach more customers -- than it would as a standalone company.

Highlighting the fact that Webpass currently has "tens of thousands of customers across 5 major markets in the US," Barr said: "Webpass will continue to grow its service in current operational cities of San Francisco, Oakland, Emeryville, Berkeley, San Diego, Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Chicago, and Boston, adding to Google Fiber's growing list of operational cities."