Amazon Echo update enables Alexa to add events to users’ Google Calendar

In a recent announcement, Amazon has revealed that it has rolled out an update to its Echo digital assistant, to ensure that organizing plans and schedules becomes much more convenient for Echo users.

The update to the Amazon Echo wireless speaker essentially gives the device's Alexa software agent the capability to add events to the users' Google Calendar through voice commands.

Users who want Alexa to add an event to their Google Calendar simply have to give the following voice command: "Add an event to my calendar." To add a particular event, for example, users have to say: "Add Grace's luncheon to my calendar for Tuesday at 13 p. m."

However, to avail the benefits of the new feature, the Google Calendar accounts of Echo users should be linked to Alexa. For that, users simply have to open the Alexa app and the navigation panel; tap on Settings and Calendar; select Google Calendar and then click on Link Google Calendar account; and enter their Google login credentials.

Meanwhile, the ability to add events to a users' Google Calendar is not Alexa's first foray into the Google Calendar territory. Prior to the rollout of the latest Echo update by Amazon, Alexa had the capability to read the users' events back at them.