Isn’t It time for a Through Clean Up at the IRS?

There are a lot of things not going right at the IRS and mostly so when it comes to filing for Earned Income Tax Credits (EITC).

In December 2014, a report by showed that that an audit by the IRS documented twenty four percent error rates in EITC claims. That accounted for a loss of $14.2 billion in illegal tax refunds for the year 2012.

In a similar audit of 2012, Additional Child Tax Credit program also showed flawed payments that ranged between twenty five percent to thirty one percent. However, did those audits does not seem to have attracted any corrective measures.

If all these tax fraud rates from the separate refundable tax credit programs are added together, it suggests that the total tax fraud runs into many billion dollars. Some of the tax fraud comes from illegal aliens but of course not entirely.

It seems the IRS is not much interest in curbing the abuse by the illegal aliens and these tax credit programs if not corrected seems to get worse in the coming years.

The IRS should look towards a thorough cleaning process and may be a new team who will be interested in shunning the illegal tax claims and saving the cash refunds, running into millions from being eroded away.