Tesla: Model X deliveries in 2016 Q1 were hit by supplier parts shortages

In a statement released on Monday, electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla Motors said that the delays being faced by the company in delivering its new Model X crossovers are a result of the company's own "hubris."

Revealing that the number of its Model X crossovers which the company was hopeful of delivering in the 2016 first quarter has been drastically reduced due to shortages of supplier parts, Tesla said that it has delivered only 2,400 Model X units in the first quarter. In comparison, the deliveries of Model S luxury electric sedans had touched 12,420 in the same quarter.

About the delay in Model X deliveries in the first quarter, Tesla said in its Monday statement that the delivery count was hit by a "severe Model X supplier parts shortages" in the months of January and February. The company also added alongside that the shortages "lasted much longer than initially expected."

About the reasons behind the supplier parts shortages, Tesla clearly said that the shortages resulted from "Tesla's hubris in adding far too much new technology to the Model X in version 1, insufficient supplier capability validation, and Tesla not having broad enough internal capability to manufacture the parts in-house."

Meanwhile, asserting that Model X production and delivery rates recorded a dramatic improvement after the parts shortages issues were resolved last month, Tesla said that it is on track to deliver 80,000 to 90,000 new vehicles in 2016.