Google announces new ‘Fiber Phone’ telephony service

In an announcement made via a blog post published on Tuesday, Google said that it has plans underway to rollout a new home phone service called 'Fiber Phone.'

The announcement of the new Fiber Phone telephony service by Google underscores the company's evident efforts to expand its service provide business. The new service basically unfolds a triple-play service offering, which marks an extension of the Google Fiber Internet and TV service.

Announcing the new Fiber Phone telephony service, Google said that the monthly cost of the service will be $10. At the given cost, the Fiber Phone service will give users an unlimited local and countrywide calling ability, along with the option to keep or pick phone number. The service will also include call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail transcription features.

For users who want to make international calls, Google's new Fiber Phone service will have the same rate structure that of the Google Voice service.

Revealing that the new Fiber Phone service will initially be launched in select cities where Google Fiber service is already available, Google said in the blog post: "Your Fiber Phone number lives in the cloud, which means that you can use it on almost any phone, tablet or laptop. It can ring your landline when you're home, or your mobile device when you're on-the-go."