Google: Encryption shields nearly 77% of company’s online traffic

On Tuesday, tech giant Google released latest to show how much of its online traffic is encrypted, and thus protected from hackers. The disclosure by Google about the percentage of encrypted traffic to its search engine and other services is part of the company's ongoing efforts to encrypt all online activity.

According to the statistics shared by Google, the encryption mechanism which the company currently has in place protects nearly 77 percent of the requests which are received by Google's data centers from all across the world.

The numbers disclosed by Google are noteworthy especially against the backdrop of the fact that, in 2013, Google's encryption mechanisms shielded only 52 percent of the requests sent by worldwide users to Google's data centers.

The latest Google statistics pertaining to online traffic encryption by the company cover all Google services expect the company's YouTube video-sharing site. Google said that, by the end of 2016, it will start adding YouTube -- which has over 1 billion users -- to its encryption breakdown.

Meanwhile, in reference to Google's encryption crusade, Rutledge Chin Feman and Tim Willis -- Google's encryption 'evangelists' -- said in a recent post on the Google Security Blog: "Our aim with this project is to hold ourselves accountable and encourage others to encrypt so we can make the Web even safer for everyone."