FAA Requires Drone Owners to Get Their Drones Registered With Government

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants people who purchase drones this year to get their drones registered with the government. The Transportation Department said it will be making an announcement related to drones on Monday but later declined to comment on the matter.

Recently within the past two years the drones have gained high popularity. These unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones largely unregulated can also pose a threat to aircrafts.

NBC News reported that the US government has also raised concerns over these drones after some these drones were spotted near some of the busiest airports of the nation.

The NBC News in its report suggested that the federal government will announce plans requiring drone owners to register with the Department of Transportation on Monday, October 19.

In one of the incidents of this July, a drone went very close to a passenger airline that had more than 150 people which was about to land at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

As per report, the drone was flying at a close distance of just about 100 feet from the passenger airline. The normal safe distance between aircrafts is at least 1,000 feet.

Also during the recent California wildfire in July several drones were spotted trying to capture aerial images of the burning forests, which caused disturbance to firefighters’ attempts to successfully extinguish the fire.

In another incident a drone was spotted trying to fly over the White House.