Israeli firm Mantis Vision reveals its 8-inch Aquila Android tablet

In an announcement made on September 18, Israeli firm Mantis Vision unveiled its 8-inch Aquila Android tablet.

Revealing its new tablet, Mantis Vision said that the tablet - which will be manufactured by Flextronics - will likely hit the markets in the third-quarter of 2015; and will be priced at less than $1,000. However, developers interested in the Aquila development kit can pre-order it for $925 at Qualcomm's Uplinq mobile developer conference being held in San Francisco this week.

The basic-looking Aquila tablet will chiefly specialize in scanning as well as photographing physical objects, and subsequently rendering them into interactive 3D scenes. The tablet will also be capable of working with real-time streams and 3D video, so that the content created is not static.

Some of the key features of the Aquila tablet include an 8-inch display; a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor; 64GB of onboard storage capacity; 2GB of RAM; a Sony IMX135 13-megapixel CMOS image sensor; a 1- megapixel Omnivision OV9714 near infrared camera sensor; an IR flash projector; and a white LED flash.

With Mantis Vision being the company behind the 3D mapping technology used inside Google's Project Tango tablet, Mantis Vision CEO Amihai Loven said that the technology used for the Aquila tablet is different than that used for Project Tango tablet; and added: "We're trying to push the performance and the usage of content creation to the edge."