Facebook launches new Messenger app

Social network Facebook recently rolled out its own Facebook Messenger App, which facilitates messages and chats for users who use Facebook on mobile devices. The new Facebook Messenger app is now available for free download and installation on iOS and Android devices.

The initial reaction of the users to the Facebook Messenger app has been somewhat disappointing. Nearly 160 reviews about the new app were generated at the Apple App Store over this past weekend. The Facebook users who have used the app have given it quite a poor rating --- only 1.5 stars, out of five.

The users are discontented that though the new Facebook Messenger app promises to make their lives easier, it actually consumes notable much more time and device's storage space, while also draining the battery of the device.

The response of the Android users to the new Facebook Messenger app was also similar to that of the iOS device users. Some of the users said in their reviews at Android's Google Play store that the downloading of the app somehow breached their privacy.

Despite the fact that most users said that Facebook Messenger app is unnecessary, the app generated average ratings of a whopping 4.1 stars at the Play store; marking an apparent contract in ratings given to the app by the iOS and Andorid users.