Boeing GPS-IIF Satellite Sends Norma; Signals from Space

On May 16, 2014, the Boeing Global Positioning System-IIF satellite was launched into space. Shortly after being sent, it has sent initial signals from the space. It is the second GPS-IIF launch this year.

"Boeing has continued to maintain a robust tempo of deliveries to meet U. S. Air Force requirements, with the next GPS IIF already on deck in Florida for a third-quarter liftoff", affirmed Craig Cooning, vice-president of Space and Intelligence Systems.

At 8:03 pm as per Eastern Time, the latest GPS-IIF was launched from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station aboard a United Launch Alliance Delta IV rocket. After more than three hours, Boeing controllers in El Segundo confirmed that the spacecraft was sending normal signals from its orbit roughly about 11,000nm above earth.

Before the satellite is handed over to the Air Force as a part of the GPS collection, it would undergo activation and systems checkout. The fourth generation of Boeing GPS space vehicles, the new satellite, is providing accurate navigation clocks. It is said to have improved accuracy, enhanced security systems and anti-jam capabilities.

Crooning further asserted that since 1978, they are the prime contractor of the GPS program. It is been 40 years now that they are dealing with these kinds of complex and important spacecrafts. Not only this, they now also cover 44 satellites delivered into orbit having mission support.